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Does anyone still use this comm? I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the acrobat who did the balancing on chairs act... There's no information on Cirque's website and I would really like to know who he is! Thanks.
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Kooza pictures courtesy of Stephan Landry himself!

Stephan Landry, the actor who played the Innocent in Kooza from the show's opening to just this year, has a TON of great Kooza pictures on his Flickr account!

Check them out!

The Wheel of Death images are particularly great, as is just about anything with the Trickster in them. There have been a few cast changes recently, and though I'm not sure who is playing the Innocent right now, Jason Berrent has reprised the role of Trickster. In the cast portraits, Stephan is the Innocent and I believe Mike Tyus is the Trickster.

EDIT: Mr. Landry has particularly asked that we respect the copyright on these images, so no stealing! Feel free to look, but don't touch.
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On TV!

I was flipping channels when lo and behold, I saw that they were playing the dvd of Kooza on tv! :D :D :D
It's playing on CBC, which is the Canadian Broadcasting Co, so those of us in the glorious North (and folks like me who live in Seattle and thus absorb Canadian tv by sheer power of will) can tune in! Yay!
I'm not sure how often they replay things on CBC, and they've been airing a lot of strange movie things for the holidays. But keep an eye out.

By the way, happy new year, lovely comm members! I know this place is super-quiet, but that's okay. Inspiration may strike at the strangest times! :)
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Fic: Homecoming

Title: Homecoming
Characters: The Innocent, the Trickster, and ensemble.
Rating: G
Warnings: Bittersweetness.
Word count: 1128
Summary: In the moment it was almost like being there again. Almost.
Notes: This has been nagging to be written for months now, and I only just struck enough inspiration to dig up the draft and finish. Enjoy.

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Kooza DVD screencaps

download zip file here

• Anyone who's seen the Kooza DVD may have noticed the lighting: though excellent live, it's sort of not excellent on the DVD. It's tricky to work with, but doable.
• Film quality isn't the greatest either, but when the images are scaled down a bit they work just fine. I tried to weed out any high motion shots to keep image quality at its best.
• Images are Trickster-heavy, is this a problem? XD

Enjoy! Maybe this'll spur you guys to get some graphics going!
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Let's generate some discussion in here, shall we? With Kooza ending its stay in New York soon (and also because I'm aggravated that I can't get there in time to see it again), I've recently been considering the overall reaction to Kooza as a production. Some say the show accomplishes what it sets out to do: return to Cirque du Soleil's roots (and it did originate as a street show), but others think it's missing the soul and, to a certain extent, quality that's to be expected from a Cirque du Soleil production.

What do you think? Is the latter group missing the point of Kooza, or do you feel that it could be improved as a show by incorporating deeper elements found in other Cirque shows like Quidam and Alegria?

(also, uh, I've been talking about screencapping the Kooza DVD for a while now and haven't actually gotten around to it. BUT I WILL DO IT, and I WILL upload them for download at some point. XD)
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Trickster Wallpaper

Months ago, when I first saw Kooza, I became so obsessed with the Trickster that I had to stare at him at every opportunity. So I made a desktop from the scan of his glamor shot in the souvenir program guide.

Everyone can have it!

Leave me a comment if you take it, please.