[K]ILL[J]OY (semi_subtle) wrote in koozakite,

Kooza pictures courtesy of Stephan Landry himself!

Stephan Landry, the actor who played the Innocent in Kooza from the show's opening to just this year, has a TON of great Kooza pictures on his Flickr account!

Check them out!

The Wheel of Death images are particularly great, as is just about anything with the Trickster in them. There have been a few cast changes recently, and though I'm not sure who is playing the Innocent right now, Jason Berrent has reprised the role of Trickster. In the cast portraits, Stephan is the Innocent and I believe Mike Tyus is the Trickster.

EDIT: Mr. Landry has particularly asked that we respect the copyright on these images, so no stealing! Feel free to look, but don't touch.
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