[K]ILL[J]OY (semi_subtle) wrote in koozakite,

Let's generate some discussion in here, shall we? With Kooza ending its stay in New York soon (and also because I'm aggravated that I can't get there in time to see it again), I've recently been considering the overall reaction to Kooza as a production. Some say the show accomplishes what it sets out to do: return to Cirque du Soleil's roots (and it did originate as a street show), but others think it's missing the soul and, to a certain extent, quality that's to be expected from a Cirque du Soleil production.

What do you think? Is the latter group missing the point of Kooza, or do you feel that it could be improved as a show by incorporating deeper elements found in other Cirque shows like Quidam and Alegria?

(also, uh, I've been talking about screencapping the Kooza DVD for a while now and haven't actually gotten around to it. BUT I WILL DO IT, and I WILL upload them for download at some point. XD)
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